Keiji Matsumura

Keiji Matsumura

Keiji Matsumura President

We are engaged in a global business with the background of the group mission of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

As the trading firm of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, we sell FA robots, emergency power generator and other energy-related devices, hydraulic devices, fiber machinery, and civil engineering machinery. We also supply the materials and equipment needed for the production of these products. Our operations also include the sales of energy products (petroleum, electricity, and gas), air conditioning devices, and machine tools, as well as the supply of various types of contracting works, engineering, and after-purchase maintenance.

Group Mission
Kawasaki, working as one for the good of the planet.

Maximize the ability of employees

We strive for the improvement of our corporate values and sustainable development by engaging in the maximum use of the abilities of individual employees, converting the individual abilities into organizational abilities, and flexibly responding to the diversified needs of our clients.

Reinforcement of risk management

We are committed to remaining as a company that is trusted by our stakeholders through our CSR-based administrations and internal management.

Company Information

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