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Produced at one of the biggest workshops in Japan for general-purpose boilers, the boilers from Kawasaki Thermal Engineering are designed to satisfy the key requirements of today such as low NOx emissions, energy saving and high efficiency. These products have evolved and been proven by the company's long experience in this field.

Water tube boilers, flue gas tube boilers and once-through boilers from Kawasaki Thermal Engineering are used in diverse applications in various industries.

We can assist all your needs for product procurement and after-sale service, including making suggestions for energy saving and providing the latest information on new products.

Main products
  • Water tube boilers
  • Flue gas tube boilers
  • Once-through boilers
  • Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

IF Series

IF Series

These Ifrit Series boiler systems combine water tube boiler technologies (excellent quality and high controllability) with once-through boiler technologies (high efficiency and compactness).

Equivalent evaporation: 3000 to 6000kg/h

  • Exceptional stability in steam pressure control with high efficiency.
  • Lower lifetime operating costs of boiler by partial load efficiency, long service life, reduced consumption of water treatment chemicals, etc.

KD Series

KD Series

The KD Series comprises a dual-shell natural circulation type water tube boiler of a packaged design, developed to address modern requirements such as low emissions, labor saving and energy saving.

Advanced low emission combustion technologies are employed to reduce NOx emissions. Other advantages include ease of handling and servicing, reasonable maintenance costs and higher safety.

With nine models of different evaporation rates (from 4 to 30 tons per hour), the KD Series boilers are used widely in various manufacturing industries and for district heating.

  • Simplified maintenance and improved durability
  • Full inspection of all water tubes
  • Perfectly designed gas sealing
  • Equipped with in-shell deaerator
  • Energy efficient boilers that address the essential requirements of today

KS Series

KS Series

These are flue gas tube boilers, the main type of package boilers for evaporation rates of up to 10 tons per hour.

There are 12 models with different evaporation rates (from 0.5 to 10 tons per hour). The smallest model (0.5 tons/h) does not require the stationing of a certified boiler engineer under Japanese laws. These boilers are used widely in various manufacturing industries and for district heating.

  • Reduced NOx emissions
  • High boiler efficiency
  • Packaged design for easy installation
  • Fool-proof full automatic control

KF Series

KF Series

The KF Series boilers produce high-quality steam energy to meet a wide variety of customers' needs.

The KF Series comprises simply designed small boilers that do not require the stationing of a certified boiler engineer under Japanese laws, and yet can achieve the capacity of larger boilers by clustered installation and controlling the number of boilers in operation.

Equivalent evaporation: 750 to 2000kg/h

  • Models with evaporation of up to 1000kg/h are classified as "simple boilers" under Japanese laws.
  • These boilers do not require installation approval by or reporting to the Japanese Labor Standard Inspection Office.
  • Steam dryness: 98%
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