Industrial Robots

As a distributor of Kawasaki Robots, we have a long history of delivering solutions in many industries. We can quickly offer suggestions and provide comprehensive support, addressing your needs for industrial robots and peripheral systems and handling after-sale service.

Major clients: semiconductor manufacturers, solar panel and LCD panel manufacturers, automotive companies, logistics/transportation service providers, food companies, molded resin product manufacturers, casting companies, etc. (virtually all industries)

Main products
  • Industrial robots
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  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Dual-Arm SCARA Robot: duAro

FAロボット duAro

duAro, the collaborative two-arm robot of Kawasaki, eliminates the problem of a labor shortage in all industries from electric and electronics to the food industry with its easy installation and simple instructions.

R Series

FAロボット Rシリーズ

The R-series, the small-to-mid-size multipurpose manipulator of Kawasaki Robotics, shows its strengths in automation and energy conservation at many worksites through assembling, handling, sealing, operations in clean-rooms, and arc welding.

BX Series

FAロボット BXシリーズ

The BX-series, the large multipurpose manipulator of Kawasaki Robotics, offers a wide range of movements, long reach, and large movement angles at the wrist. With these features, the robots quickly perform spot-welding, assembly, and handling operations. This series can be installed in small spaces by reducing the size around the waist and embedding the cable functions inside.

M Series

FAロボット Mシリーズ

The M-series, the super large multipurpose manipulator of Kawasaki Robotics, is equipped with the capacity of carrying up to 1,500 kg (MG15HL). It shows its strengths in carrying car bodies among automobile production processes by handling large tools, large furniture, stones, and construction materials.

K Series

FAロボット Kシリーズ

The K-series, the explosion-proof painting manipulator of Kawasaki Robotics, is available in various lineups based on abundant experiences from the ones designed for painting small articles, such as mobile phones, to large manipulators suitable for painting inside and outside of an automobile with built-in painting devices within the arm. Various types of paint package cells are also available.

Y Series

FAロボット Yシリーズ

The Y-series, the high-speed picking robot of Kawasaki Robotics, increases the speed of production lines for various purposes, including food, pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, as well as the assembly and arrangement of the components of electric and electronic machinery.

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