Equipment for Kawasaki Group (Motorcycles/Gas Turbines/Hydraulic Components/Construction Equipment)

We deliver various equipment and materials to the factories of Kawasaki Group companies, providing consistent support from procurement to after-sale service.

Main products
  • Parts for motorcycle assembly lines (bearings, brakes and engine components)
  • Parts for gas turbine assembly lines (special pipe components, resistors, and cylindrical components for collectors and ducts)
  • Robot components (hands and printed circuit boards)
  • Hydraulic components (bearings, couplings and hydraulic cylinders)
  • Components for civil engineering and construction machinery (large gears)
  • Machining equipment (drilling centers, composite machining equipment and machining centers)
  • Plant facilities and equipment (measuring instruments, die-cast machines, welders and cranes), etc.
  • JTEKT Corporation
  • Nisshinbo Brake Inc.
  • NTS
  • Sakura Rubber Co., Ltd.

  • Nishitei Co., Ltd.
  • Dalian Step Trading Co., Ltd.
  • ASUZAC Inc.

  • Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service Corporation
  • KTR Japan Co., Ltd.

  • TAIYO, Ltd.
  • Horiuchi Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Okubo Gear Co., Ltd.

  • FANUC Corporation
  • Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Mitsui Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Takes Group Ltd.
  • Ube Machinery Corporation

  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • OS Sangyo Co., Ltd.

  • Kamiuchi Electric Works, Ltd., etc.
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Product Information

Hydraulic Components/Textile Machinery

Industrial Robots

Air Conditioning Systems/Chillers, Heaters

Marine Machinery/Shipbuilding Equipment

Steelmaking Equipment

Power Plants

Factory Equipment

Petroleum Products

Steel Products


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