Fly Ash Solidification System

In Japan, the Waste Disposal Law, after revision in 1992, defines fly ash as "general waste for special control" and makes the proper treatment and disposal of fly ash obligatory.

We offer a system that prevents the elution of heavy metals from incineration fly ash by kneading it with chelating agent, with the optional addition of cement.

We have delivered such systems and chelating agent to a number of clients including municipal waste incineration plants and industrial plants. We are ready to help you plan an optimal disposal system that matches your needs.

Main products
  • Vibration type kneaders
  • Chelating agent
  • Kawasaki Trading, Co., Ltd.

Vibration Type Kneaders

  • Compact system with small footprint, suitable for additional installation to existing facilities
  • Allows continuous automatic operation
  • Allows self-ejection of residues during halts
  • Self-cleaning feature for easy maintenance
  • Low-moisture granulation, weak mutual adhesion after granulation and stronger grains
  • Complete sealing of the system, minimizing the air flow required for dust collection
  • Allows wetting of hydrophobic powders
  • Enables volume reduction by compression after wetting

KS-51VS (Chelating Agent)

  • Powerful chelating contributes to the formation of strong and safe compounds with heavy metals in fly ash. This enables the stabilization of lead, which was previously difficult to achieve.
  • Unlike cementing, chelating does not increase the waste volume. With this advantage, treated fly ash can be easily transported, and the space for burial disposal can be minimized.
  • Simply by mixing fly ash with KS-51VS, heavy metals are quickly and easily stabilized.
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