Steelmaking Equipment

We deliver various equipment to our clients including JFE Steel Corporation and its group companies.

  • Rolling equipmentRolling equipment
  • Steel-making equipmentSteel-making equipment
  • Conveyance machineryConveyance machinery
  • Universal jointsUniversal joints
  • Reduction gearsReduction gears
Main products
  • Plant facilities (power generation systems, chemical plant facilities, crushers, facility maintenance services and system components)
  • Fabrication and machining of components for steel-making equipment
  • Components for steel-making production line equipment (universal joints, gears, spindles, couplings and electrodes)
  • Hydraulic equipment for rolling lines (hydraulic units, solenoid valves, relief valves and pumps)
  • Construction and installation works (plant construction works, piping works, inspection system installation works, cleaning system installation works and resin lining works)
  • Raw and indirect materials (filter cloth for dust collectors in production lines, heat insulator for use in iron and steel-making, aluminum ash, plating chemicals, slaked lime and water treatment chemicals)
  • Pressure rolls for iron-making
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  • Earth Technica Co., Ltd.
  • Steel Plantech Co.
  • Nakamura Jico Co., Ltd., etc.
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