Parking System

Kawasaki Trading, although it is predominantly a trading company, developed a deck-type parking system which was approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in 1983 during Japan's construction boom for three-dimensional parking systems. Since then, we have gained great experience in this field as we expanded our business to include mechanically operated parking systems and tower-type parking systems produced by leading manufacturers. Our technologies and services are ideal for all types and sizes of parking systems.

Major clients and target facilities: condominiums (developers, construction companies, management companies, management associations, etc.), recreational facilities and parking lot owners


Deck-type parking system

  • Sanshin Metal Working Co., Ltd.
  • Kawasaki Trading, Co., Ltd.

Mechanically-operated parking system

  • Kyokuto Kaihatsu Parking Co., Ltd.
  • Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Co., Ltd.

Tower-type parking system

  • Nissei Build Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Mechanically-operated parking system

We offer highly efficient mechanically-operated parking systems that make optimum use of limited land and do not require parked vehicles to be moved to accommodate additional vehicles entering the system.

We help you choose the most suitable design according to the size and shape of the available land space from a wide variety of concepts including the lift & pit concept, the lift & pit concept with transverse movement, and the overhead lift concept with transverse movement.

Deck-type parking system

Compared with mechanically-operated three-dimensional parking systems, drivers tend to prefer deck-type three-dimensional parking systems because entry and exit are quicker.


  • 1-level, 2-tiers deck-type three-dimensional parking system
  • 2-level, 3-tiers deck-type three-dimensional parking system
  • 3-level, 4-tiers deck-type three-dimensional parking system
  • Multi-story deck-type three-dimensional parking system
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