Safety Service Equipment

Supported by reliable technologies and experience, Air Water Safety Service Inc. has built a solid reputation for its safety service equipment for protecting life and property, including fire-fighting equipment (carbon dioxide extinguishers, foam extinguishers, etc.), and medical equipment and respirators (for rescue operations). On behalf of this company, we respond to your requests to see the actual products, make technical suggestions and provide maintenance services.

Major clients and target facilities: buildings (in general), hospitals and factories

Safety Service Equipment
Main products
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Respirators for rescue operations
  • Air Water Safety Service Inc.
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Product Information

Hydraulic Components/Textile Machinery

Industrial Robots

Air Conditioning Systems/Chillers, Heaters

Marine Machinery/Shipbuilding Equipment

Steelmaking Equipment

Power Plants

Factory Equipment

Petroleum Products

Steel Products


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