Karcher's Products

We handle the products from Kärcher, a German manufacturer of high-pressure cleaning equipment.
We help you choose and procure the best products for your requirements and provide complete support including after-sale service. Upon request, we can visit you to give a free demonstration of products.

  • Cold water high-pressure cleaning equipmentCold water high-pressure cleaning equipment
  • Dry cleanersDry cleaners

Major clients and target facilities: print workshops, restaurants (commercial kitchens), etc.

Main products
  • High-pressure cleaning equipment
  • Floor cleaning equipment

  • Sweepers
  • Cleaners
  • Kärcher

Cleaning with Dry Ice

Cleaning with Dry Ice

We sell eco-friendly dry ice cleaners and also distribute dry ice. These cleaners are designed to remove soil by the thermo shock effect of dry ice. The cleaning produces no sewage because the dry ice disappears upon evaporation.

Manufacturer's homepage: Kärcher

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Product Information

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