Unlike the conventional aseismic connector for bridge safety which is a single-piece link mechanism,K-Link has split-link plates that are coupled by a connecting rod via shock-absorbing rubber. The link mechanism is configured such that any force acting on the link, whether tensile or compressive, acts on the shock-absorbing rubber as a compressive force. As a result, the mechanism buffers and dampens seismic impact in both directions. Cost efficiency is achieved by using standard materials available on the market.

As the sole distributor of K-Link, we provide engineering services including supervision over product manufacturing, designing and on-site measurement.

  • K-Link
  • K-Link

Major clients: subcontractors (general construction companies, construction service providers, etc.) contracted by ministries and agencies including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Main products
  • K-Link (aseismic connector for bridge safety)
  • Kawaju Facilitech Co., Ltd.
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