As a material that blends into the natural landscape and helps produce a harmonious environment, K-Soil can be used extensively for the pavement of gardens, parks, walkways, etc. While retaining the feel of natural soil, K-Soil has the unique advantage of helping the ground to retain moisture while preventing weeds, water pools and dirt. The material has high water-retaining capacity, which prevents the ground from drying out and controls the rise of road surface temperature by sustaining moisture evaporation for a longer time. With these advantages, K-Soil helps enhance the natural environment.

We accept orders for quantities ranging from 25kg to 1t. We can also provide on-site instructions upon implementation or refer you to professional service providers.

  • K-Soil
  • K-Soil

Major clients: construction service providers contracted by governmental bodies such as Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, Nishinomiya City and Itami City, landscape gardeners, temples, cemeteries, etc.

Main products
  • K-Soil (decomposed granite soil for pavement)
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