Vast connections and access to products

Kawasaki Trading does business with a lot of people – in fact, about 5,000 customers and some 5,000 suppliers, including 1,000 companies located overseas. We not only sell products and supply materials manufactured by the Kawasaki Group, but we also handle products from a wide range of manufacturers from outside the group – e.g., industrial machinery and equipment of all kinds, energy products, steel and construction materials, and environmental and disaster prevention equipment — which gives us the breadth and reach to cover the product fields customers need. Moreover, we have a large number of well-trained and knowledgeable sales force ready to serve customers with speedy, spot-on proposals for every imaginable demand whether that be to introduce and install manufacturing equipment, secure aftercare maintenance, supply components for mass-production, assist with global development, kickstart overseas procurement, what have you.

The core trading company of the Kawasaki Group

Because Kawasaki Trading is the core trading company of the Kawasaki Group, we have access to the products, services and underlying high-tech of its member-companies which we can provide to our customers.
The vast network of venders allow us to build and propose solutions to the Kawasaki Group’s land, sea and aerospace businesses with the equipment and material supply chains they need.

Offices across Japan and a growing global network

Kawasaki Trading has over 20 offices in Japan and a sales network that reaches every corner of the country. Moreover, we have operating bases overseas in East and Southeast Asia and as far away as North America, and continue to add to our growing global network.