Hydraulic presses

Kawasaki Trading handles a wide range of hydraulic presses and provides ideas on how to build production lines.
We can also assist customers with maintenance and remodeling.

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Hydraulic Press & Marine Machinery Sec, Precision Machinery Dept., East Japan Sales Division
Drawing presses

Drawing presses

These drawing presses can do it all from trial-pressing to mass-production.

Forging presses

Forging presses

We can also propose heating ovens and conveyor systems to go with the forging presses you select.

CFRP molding press

CFRP molding presses

We can show you high-speed presses and peripheral equipment for working with carbon fiber molds.

Wood chip dewatering presses

Wood chip dewatering presses

This type of hydraulic presses improves the combustion efficiency of biomass-fired power generation systems by dewatering the wood chips used as fuel.

Inline handling systems for presses

Press handling robots

Virtually any kind of handling systems can be built with Kawasaki robots doing the primary work. We will help you select robots and peripherals that best fit your purpose and place of installation from ceiling-suspended gate systems, traveling and stationary robots, and a host of other options.

Press peripherals

We can propose peripheral units, aftercare maintenance, and energy-saving and speed-enhancing retrofits for existing equipment.

Hydraulic units and pumps replacement and overhaul

We can remodel presses of other manufacture in Japan and abroad with new hydraulic units and pumps.

Replacement of floor-installed hydraulic units

Replacement of floor-installed hydraulic units

Replacement of deck-mounted hydraulic units

Replacement of deck-mounted hydraulic units

Replacement of fixed displacement pumps and motors

Replacement of fixed displacement pumps and motors

Remodeling of energy-saving, precision-enhancing and speed-enhancing

We propose energy-saving retrofits tailored to you, as well do high-speed, high-precision hydraulic systems for the latest molding technologies.

Retrofits of energy-saving hydraulic units

Inverter device

Economizing servo unit

Electro-Hydraulic hybrid system (KAWASAKI ECO SERVO)

Example of energy-saving efficiency

  • Power consumption 20 – 50% reduced
  • Cooling water consumption 20 – 50% reduced

※Efficiency depends on your actual usage.

High-precision hydraulic servo circuit
Servo valve

Servo valves

K3VG pump

K3VG pumps

Replacement of sequencers, touch-screens and control panels

We can help you upgrade unserviceable or discontinued sequencers, touch screens and control panels to current models. We can refurbish presses of other manufacture located in Japan or abroad.

Discontinued sequencers

Discontinued sequencers

Press and PLC of foreign manufacture

Foreign-made Presses and PLC

PLC of Japanese manufacture

Japanese-made PLC