Environmental policy

Basic Philosophy

We, Kawasaki Trading Co., Ltd. are determined to pursue sound, environmentally-friendly corporate activities to help to find solutions to the global environmental problems which affect all people and create a “recycling-oriented economic society”, thereby contributing to “sustainable social development.”

Basic Principles

  1. Environmental consideration We will offer environmentally-conscious products and services and strive to protect the environment in our corporate activities.
  2. Effective use of resources and energy saving We will pursue the effective use of finite resources and energy saving.
  3. Establishment of an environmental management system and continuous improvement We will establish an environmental management system and strive for its continuous improvement.
  4. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations We will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as industrial and other guidelines which we have agreed on, voluntary standards, and all the other relevant requirements.
  5. Dissemination and disclosure of the Environmental Policy We will distribute this Environmental Policy to all employees and make it available to the general public.
Established on April 1, 2004
Revised on April 1, 2018


The Kawasaki Group Code of Conduct

Acceptable Business Conduct
  1. Fair Business Practices We will not obstruct free and fair competition, and we will work to maintain a healthy market.
  2. Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Compliance We do not engage in bribery or other forms of corruption and do not provide any inappropriate entertainment or gifts.
  3. Political Activity and Lobbying We do not engage in unauthorized use or provision of company money or goods for political activities. We do not engage in illegal lobbying.
  4. Non-Involvement with Criminal Organizations We will not engage in any transactions or otherwise have any involvement with any criminal organizations, such as gangs or mafia, or any organizations that are connected to them.
  5. Conflicts of Interest We will not seek profit for ourselves or third parties at the expense of company interests.
  6. Import and Export Control We will abide by applicable laws and regulations concerning import and export controls.
  7. Prevention of Money Laundering We will pay attention to processes in our business activities so as not to allow or facilitate money laundering.
  8. Accurate and Complete Financial Reporting We conduct accurate and truthful accounting in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and professional standards. We will create complete and accurate financial reports and provide them to internal and external stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner.
  9. Prohibition on Insider Trading We do not trade securities on undisclosed material information to obtain benefits for ourselves or third parties.
  10. Information Security We will properly manage, use, and store sensitive information.
  11. Protection of Personal Information We will use personal information appropriately in accordance with the prescribed purposes of use and will take proper care to prevent loss or leakage.
  12. Respect for Intellectual Property Rights We protect the fruits of the company’s intellectual efforts with intellectual property rights and actively put such intellectual property to use. We respect the intellectual property rights of others.
Dealing with Stakeholders
  1. Quality and Safety of Products and Services We provide high-performance, high-quality, safe products and services.
  2. Compliance with Engineering Ethics We will develop technology with a high level of integrity.
  3. Respect for Human Rights in Our Business Activities We respect the human rights of all people in our business activities.
  4. Eliminating Unethical Use of Products and Technology We do not provide products and technologies for unethical purposes of use.
  5. Donations and Support We will carry out responsible donations and support as a corporate citizen and member of society.
  6. Disclosure of Company Information We will disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner to enhance society’s trust and understanding toward Kawasaki Group.
  7. Respect for Diversity in Human Resources We value each of our employees and support efforts to use their talents and abilities in full. We respect diversity and strive to build a workplace in which all employees can live up to their full potential.
  8. Employee Safety and Health We recognize that the safety and health of our employees is a top priority and make every effort to create a safe and healthy workplace environment.
  9. Working with Suppliers We engage in fair procurement activities. We cooperate with our suppliers to fulfill our social responsibilities.
  10. Caring for the Environment We provide eco-friendly products and services and contribute to sustainable development.
Established on July 1, 2018
Revised on Februaly 1, 2020

CSR Action Guidelines for Business Partners in the Supply Chain

Our business activities are built upon partnerships with our business partners. We work together with our suppliers to promote CSR activities by addressing the items below. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  1. Compliance We ask our business partners to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as social norms, within the business domain.
    Our business partners shall properly manage the information acquired through business transactions and ensure the retention of confidential information and prevention of information leaks.
  2. Consideration for human rights, labor, health and safety We ask all business partners to care about human rights, the work environment, and the health and safety of employees and partners.
  3. Strengthening of competitiveness We ask all business partners for their commitment to active efforts in creating competitiveness and added value with the aim of providing high quality, safe products and services in a stable manner.
  4. Information disclosure We ask all business partners to disclose management policies, finances, business activities, social contributions, environmental preservation activities, and other information to be shared with the community in a timely fashion to ensure corporate transparency.
  5. Consideration for global environment We ask all business partners to address the preservation of the global environment by complying with all environmental laws and regulations and working to prevent pollution, preserve the environment, and effectively use resources.
  6. Coexistence with community We ask all business partners to coexist with international society and the local community.
  7. The penetration of CSR activities in the entire supply chain We ask all business partners to promote CSR activities for the entire supply chain including vendors of your business partners.
Established on April 1, 2017