Precision gear pumps

Our products are used in various fields such as synthetic chemical fiber, film, extrusion, coating, chemical, adhesive, dispensing, medical, food, etc. We offer an extensive lineup of materials from very small to large capacities.

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Gear pumps for textile production

Kawasaki’s gear pumps have been used to make a plethora of synthetic textiles such as polyester, nylon, acryl, spandex, vinylon, rayon, cellulose, acetate, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ceramic fiber and more. We have access to a variety of pumps for spinning, fluid pumping, polymerizing and pressure boosting.

Textile Fiber Manufacturing

Kawasaki pumps are ideal for various applications in the textile fiber industry,
such as vacuum extraction, transfer booster, spinning, and finish oil coating.

Our products cover a wide range of applications, from the upstream polymerization process to
the downstream fiber spinning and finish oil coating processes; providing reliable quality and efficient production.

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Gear pumps for various industries

Our products are used in various fields such as film, extrusion molding, coating, chemical, adhesive, dispensing, sealing, medical, and food. We can meet your requirements for corrosion and wear resistance, low and high viscosity, low pulsation, high precision, low and high pressure, small and large capacities, etc.


Kawasaki pumps provide precise metering, mixing and dispensing solutions
for single and two-components materials of adhesives and sealants.

Our gear pumps ensure high accuracy in metering both the main and hardening agents,
resulting in a consistent and optimal mix ratio. They are ideal for applications such as bonding, potting, sealing, or encapsulation.

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Film Extrusion

For plastic sheet extrusion, the HF series pump delivers consistent flow rate,
low pulsation, and pressure building to the extrusion die.

The HBT series pump features a three-gear design that reduces pulsation even further,
making it ideal for plastic film production that demands uniform film thickness.

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The Kawasaki KISS series pump is designed for paint spraying applications
that require fast start-stop cycles and consistent flow rates.

The pump can handle base coat and clear coat paints for automobiles and other applications.
The pump also features a flushable operation mode that allows for quick color change when needed.
They are also compact and suitable for space-saving operation.


Tablet Coating /
Seamless Capsule

Kawasaki pumps have a simple design that allows for easy disassembly,
cleaning, and maintenance.

They are ideal for applications that require high standards of hygiene.
They also use alloys that resist corrosion and wear, enhancing their durability and performance.

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