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Kawasaki Thermal Engineering, a pioneering manufacturer that leads the industry with excellent technologies, has developed absorption chiller-heaters that consume far less fuel and electricity than earlier models. The module type absorption chiller-heaters also take up less space, and allow a single unit to be halted without halting other units. Since these products can be delivered module by module, legacy systems can be easily upgraded.

The product line comprises gas-fired and oil-fired absorption chiller-heaters and steam-driven absorption chillers, covering a wide variety of operating environments including harsh conditions at factories, commercial buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals.

We can assist all your needs for product procurement and after-sale service, including making suggestions for energy saving and providing the latest information on new products.

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SIGMA ACE Absorption Chiller-Heaters

SIGMA ACE Absorption Chiller-Heaters

Energy-efficient and high product quality! These next-generation absorption chiller-heaters will meet all your needs along with the standard design features.

Cooling capacity: 281 to 2462KW

  • Highly energy efficient (JIS-based coefficient-of-performance 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 depending on type)
  • Seven-year warranty for the vacuum module of the main unit
  • Prediction support as standard
  • Digitized proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control as standard (for controlled response to a sudden change in load)
  • Special splitting design (optional)

SIGMA ACE 3.5 and 3.7 Series of Absorption Chillers

These next-generation absorption chillers for district cooling/heating are designed to be eco-friendly and minimize operating costs.

Cooling capacity: 3165 to 9142KW

SIGMA ACE 3.9 Series of Absorption Chillers

These absorption chillers deliver excellent performance and high product quality as standard design features.

Cooling capacity: 281 to 2462KW

Steam consumption: 3.9kg/h・RT

The series comprises 15 models spanning the above range of performance.

  • Industry-leading product quality with the longest warranty period
  • Designed to tolerate heavy load conditions; seven-year warranty
  • Intelligent operation panel (with prediction support) and remote maintenance terminal as standard features
  • Easy replacement of legacy systems (allows splitting into up to five modules)
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