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Gas turbines are the most widespread power generating technology of today. Having established world-class reliability in the manufacturing of aircraft turbines, in 1972 Kawasaki Heavy Industries started to extend its turbine technology to other industries where turbines could be used for driving generators and industrial machines. The Kawasaki gas turbine, first released in 1976, was the first wholly domestic gas turbine-powered emergency generator in Japan. Today, the company offers a broad range of gas turbines of different capacities from small 200KW-class units to large 20,000KW-class units. The emergency generators and cogeneration systems powered by these turbines are relied upon in Japan and many other countries.

As a direct distributor of Kawasaki gas turbines, we are able to quickly deliver, install and service these systems.

Major clients and target facilities: data center industry, electric power industry, financial industry, communication industry, medical institutions, railway facilities, research facilities, production facilities, real estate industry (for office buildings), etc.

Main products
  • Emergency generators
  • Cogeneration systems
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Emergency generators

Gas turbine driven emergency generators protect against power blackouts and hazards. The Kawasaki PU Series comprises 21 types of emergency generators with capacities ranging from 150kVA to 6000kVA. These are renowned for ease of operation and maintenance, and can be installed on rooftops. More than 7,000 units have already been installed.

  • RooftopPU3000RooftopPU3000
  • OutdoorPU4000OutdoorPU4000
  • IndoorPU1000IndoorPU1000
  • IndoorPU2000IndoorPU2000
  • IndoorPU2500IndoorPU2500

Cogeneration systems

With a cogeneration system, the extra energy produced by the prime mover as it runs on a primary energy source to generate electric or mechanical power is recovered by a heat medium to be used effectively as a heat source. A gas turbine cogeneration system, which uses gas as the primary energy source, saves energy based on this principle of combined heat and power. The choice of gas turbine, moreover, helps to suppress environmental impacts (CO2 emissions).

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