Equipment for Kawasaki Group (Aircraft)

We deliver various equipment to Kawasaki Heavy Industries' aircraft factory in Gifu.

Main products
  • Flight instruments
  • Helicopter-mounted equipment
  • Manufacturing and inspection systems
  • Tools and jigs
  • Tokyo Aircraft Instrument Co., Ltd.
  • Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.

  • Kamiuchi Electric Works, Ltd.
  • Sansei Co., Ltd.

  • Kawasho Semiconductor Corporation
  • Koyo Sangyo, Ltd.

  • Numazu Sanso Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Okamoto Kogaku Kakojo, Ltd.

  • Grundfos Pump Co., Ltd.
  • Daifuku Co., Ltd.
  • Andex Co., Ltd.

  • Shintokogyo, Ltd., etc.

Aircraft Components


We supply various aircraft components including automated equipment such as automatic navigation systems and flight recorders, flight instruments such as pitot tubes and gyros, and other equipment such as emergency oxygen generators. We are also experienced in helicopter-mounted equipment such as image transmitters, outboard speaker systems and pilot gears.

  • p3c
  • c1
  • oh1

Manufacturing and Inspection Systems


Aircraft manufacturing involves using large quantities of aluminum, difficult-to-cut materials and composite materials, which must be machined accurately to high quality standards. Therefore, we closely negotiate with equipment suppliers in order to meet the client's exacting requirements and expectations for the functions and timing of the manufacturing and inspection systems, etc. we deliver.

Examples of manufacturing systems:

  • Large profilers
  • Autoclaves
  • Surface treatment equipment
  • Drilling machines, etc.

Examples of inspection systems:

  • Nondestructive inspection equipment
  • Three-dimensional measuring instruments, etc.

Tools, Jigs, and Others

  • Tools, Jigs
  • Tools, Jigs

The fabrication and assembling of aircraft components require special tools and jigs to be created for individual work processes in order to meet the quality requirements. Components within the factory must be conveyed by overhead cranes and carts, while transportation from one factory to another requires transportation vehicles, well-identified (e.g. numbered) wagons, etc. This facility-related equipment must be custom-designed, so we assist the client with the whole process, including discussion on the product specifications, preparation of manufacturing drawings, and manufacturing and delivery of the products.

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