Hydraulic Equipment

As a distributor of products mainly from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a leading manufacturer in the hydraulic equipment industry, we help you procure ideal hydraulic systems for various applications including press equipment, steel making equipment, machining equipment, injection molding equipment and construction machinery.

Main products
  • Hydraulic units
  • Pump unit
  • Valve stands, etc.
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Hydraulic Units

Fully backed by the engineering prowess of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, we ensure the configuration and preparation of ideal systems that meet your specifications.

Pump Units

Pump Units

From among the wide range of pumps from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, which are available with different types of regulators, we select the optimum one for your needs such as constant power, constant pressure and electric control.

Valve Stands

Valve Stands

We welcome orders for valve stands to suit your available space.

Servo Logic Systems

Servo Logic Systems

Servo logic systems achieve highly accurate control under high pressure and large flow (capacity) conditions with minimal shock.

Electric-Hydraulic Hybrid System - Kawasaki Eco Servo

Electric-Hydraulic Hybrid System - Kawasaki Eco Servo

Kawasaki Eco Servo ensures highly accurate control of discharge quantities by controlling the motor rotation speed for high-pressure, large-capacity pumps from Kawasaki Heavy Industries. These products also minimize energy and operating noise.

  • Energy efficiency through low power consumption and power recovery
  • Ideal for improving the controllability and performance of hydraulic systems
  • Operating noise reduced by unique mechanisms
  • Better cost performance than electrically powered systems
  • Easy to maintain thanks to simple configuration
  • Small installation space

Energy-Efficient Inverter Systems "KISS" for Hydraulic Pumps

Energy-Efficient Inverter Systems KISS for Hydraulic Pumps

The energy-efficient inverter system "KISS" saves energy by reducing the electric power consumed by existing hydraulic pumps. The system uses sensors to instantaneously determine the pressure retained in the hydraulic system (i.e. standby status) from the pump discharge pressure and controls the rotation speed of the driving motor accordingly. The controller is built into the inverter, thus reducing cost and size. This system is particularly suitable for machining equipment or the like that has a long pressure retaining (standby) period.

  • Major energy saving by reduced electric power consumption
  • Simple installation and adjustment
  • Controller-equipped inverter for trouble-free operation
  • Reduced operating noise and improved working environment without construction work
  • Quick recovery from errors thanks to data backup

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We welcome inquiries about these products. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

Motor-Equipped Pump Units - K3PU

Motor-Equipped Pump Units - K3PU

These pump units combine a hydraulic pump from Kawasaki Heavy Industries with an electric motor, built into a bell housing. With these products, the hydraulic pump is elastically mounted to suppress the transfer of vibration and reduce operating noise

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