Precision Gear Pumps

Renowned for their durability as well as stable discharge thanks to high volumetric efficiency, Kawasaki precision gear pumps were originally developed for the synthetic fiber production industry. Today, they are used in diverse industries including polymer production, electrostatic coating, magnetic tape production, plastic extrusion molding, pharmaceuticals production and automotive assembly. These products are widely used not only in Japan but in countries around the world including South Korea, Taiwan, China and the United States.

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Precision Gear Pumps

Kawasaki Heavy Industries started manufacturing precision gear pumps in 1946. Since then, it has steadily introduced advanced manufacturing technologies to improve the manufacturing accuracy of circumscribed gear pumps. These pumps offer little pulsation in discharge and reliable maintenance of volumetric characteristics, thus delivering higher performance.

Since they were first manufactured and sold by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, these precision gear pumps have been delivered to diverse industries in various countries, and have gained a high reputation for their excellent performance.
The precision gear pumps were originally developed for pumping and metering polymer to spinnerets in the chemical/synthetic fiber industry. The pumps then gradually began to be used in many other industries that valued their advantages and excellent features such as high metering accuracy, reliability and durability. Typical applications are given below, but Kawasaki Trading continues to find many new applications.

We welcome inquiries from those interested in using these pumps for constant rate feeding of materials, etc.

Operating Principles and Advantages

  • 1) Liquid fills the grooves of the revolving gears at the inlet when a pair of teeth disengage from each other.
  • 2) Gears rotate to move the liquid in the cavities formed by the gear teeth, gear casing and side plates towards the outlet.
  • 3) Gear teeth mesh to displace the liquid at the outlet.

Gear pumps are characterized by constant discharge because they discharge just the quantity of liquid which is displaced by the gear teeth.

Combined with Kawasaki Heavy Industry's long experience in designing and manufacturing, these precision gear pumps have the following advantages.

High metering accuracy:

Thanks to high volumetric efficiency, the pumps can reliably maintain the same discharge rate even in the presence of fluctuations in fluid pressure and viscosity. This accuracy in discharge volume is the result of accurate manufacturing of the pumps. Furthermore, components are designed to be interchangeable among different models.

Durability and reliability:

Durability and reliability are ensured by carefully selecting the pump materials and also by optimum heat treatment, surface treatment and machining.

Diverse applications:

Based on R&D over many years, these pumps are now used in various industries.

Applications in Various Industries

Chemical/synthetic fiber production:

  • Delivery of melted fiber material (polyester, nylon, polypropylene, spandex, etc.)
  • Wet spinning material (rayon, vinylon, acryl, etc.)
  • Dry spinning material (spandex, acetate, etc.)
  • Super fiber production (carbon fiber, aramid fiber, fluorine fiber, polyethylene, etc.)
  • Hollow fiber production (polysulphone, polyethersulphone, acetate, etc.)
  • Lubricant delivery
  • Polymer transfer and booster (polymerization)

Mixing of different liquids:

  • Constant rate feeding of polyurethane, epoxy resin, etc.

Pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing:

  • Surface coating of tablets

Automotive manufacturing:

  • Constant rate feeding of paint
  • Constant rate feeding of sealant

General industrial applications:

  • Constant rate feeding of paint
  • Constant rate feeding of sealant, adhesive, etc.
  • Constant rate feeding to a diffuser

Extrusion molding:

  • Production of various types of films, sheets, etc.

Treatment of various types of films:

  • Thin coating

Special and miscellaneous applications:

* These are only a few of the possible applications; please consult us for more information.

  • Feeding of solvent or solution that requires anticorrosive equipment
  • Constant rate feeding of fluid with special properties
  • Feeding of fluid mixed with solids (filler, silica, etc.)
  • Shaft seal for moisture cure materials
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